Do Peace Lilies Have a Scent?

holes in peace lily leaves

Peace lilies are one of the most popular plants, and many people grow them in their homes. Yet, there is a common question, do peace lilies have a scent?

Even though it’s commonly thought that peace lilies don’t have any smell at all, some actually do emit a pleasant odor when you brush up against them or when you step on the leaves. It means that these plants are great choices if you want to add some scent to your home without having to buy artificial air fresheners. 

Here’s how to tell if your peace lily has an aroma and how to take care of it, so it will thrive in your home.

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Are Peace Lilies Fragrant Plants?

Peace lilies are fragrant plants. While they don’t have the most distinct scent, they do release some pleasant odor that is mostly detected by people in close proximity to the plant. 

In general, they aren’t as fragrant as some other indoor plants such as rosemary, lavender, or gardenia. 

However, their good looks and ease of care make them one of the most popular plants in homes. 

If you happen to be someone who has trouble detecting scents, it may be difficult for you to tell if your peace lily smells or not. 

But if it’s just a matter of preference whether you want your plants to smell nice or not, then peace lilies will work well for you. 

Their scent is subtle but still present. 

Plus, they require little maintenance. There’s less of a chance that you’ll become frustrated with trying to keep up with watering schedules!

What Are The Different Types Of Peace Lily Plants?

Although the peace lily is considered to be a fragrant indoor plant, the exact scent of this plant can vary depending on which type of peace lily you choose. 

There are three types of peace lilies; variegated, white, and pink. 

The white variety has been reported to have a strong sweet scent, while the pink has been said to have more of an earthy smell. So, peace lilies do have a scent.

It really depends on the specific type that you select as well as how often it is watered. 

If your peace lily doesn’t have a strong scent, try cutting off a few leaves or trimming back some of the plant’s stems in order to promote new growth. Try to make sure that it gets enough water so that it thrives. 

If you’re looking for a more subtle fragrance, then consider getting one of the white varieties. 

However, if you want something with more earthy qualities, then get one of the pink ones instead. 

How To Grow And Care For Your Peace Lily Plant

If you love the idea of having lilies in your home, but you’re not a fan of their strong scent, then peace lilies are the perfect plant for you. 

In contrast to typical plants with flowers, peace lily plants have no noticeable fragrance. 

Unlike many other indoor plants, they can thrive in low light and don’t need much watering or fertilizing to survive. 

The peace lily has dark green leaves that grow up from the bulb. The plant usually produces an abundance of large white blooms, which fade after about two weeks. 

As an added bonus, this type of flower is resistant to several common pests, including mealybugs and spider mites!  

This plant is also known as Spathiphyllum, or spath for short. 

Although peace lily plants are typically used in homes and offices, they’re also very popular as gifts for graduations and weddings. If you decide to give one as a gift, be sure to include instructions for its care!  

Peace lilies do not smell like most flowering plants because they lack a musky-scented chemical called monoterpene. While some people prefer to avoid it, others find it refreshing to live without such scents! 

Peace lilies do not generally often bloom, so if you want them to continuously look nice, you may want to invest in several bulbs at once. 

They also make excellent houseplants, requiring little water and maintenance. It’s best to keep the soil moist by using a spray bottle every few days or using pebbles on top of the soil instead of potting mix. 

Keep an eye out for signs of aphids, mealy bugs, scales, and red spider mites. These can all cause damage to the leaves and sap your plant of nutrients. 

The occasional application of insecticidal soap should take care of these pests easily enough! 

Peace lilies don’t smell like other flowers and some people find this to be refreshing while others miss the scent. 

Either way, peace lilies work well as indoor plants due to their longevity and low maintenance needs.

Which Colors Of Peace Lily Flowers Are The Most Fragrant?

Peace lilies come in many colors. 

The most fragrant colors are light colors. 

So when considering which type of peace lily to purchase, you may want to consider whether the room you intend on putting it in has a lot of light or not.

Colors such as pink may not be as fragrant because they are dark colors that absorb rather than reflect light. 

In contrast, lighter colors like yellow and white will reflect more light and therefore more fragrance. 

They also do not need to be watered as often as darker plants because they use up less water from the soil and their leaves. They do not have a strong scent because they produce much smaller amounts of oils for scent. 

For this reason, it is best to place them where there is good air circulation. If set in an area with low airflow, the plant’s scent won’t carry throughout the room as well.

Peace lilies are considered great houseplants because they help remove toxins from the air and release oxygen at nighttime. 

For these reasons, it is important to put them where people spend a lot of time so that people can enjoy their soothing aroma.

What Does The Leaf Of A Peace Lily Plant Look Like?

Peace lily plants are known for their broad leaves, which typically have an elongated spear shape. 

The green to the dark-green color of the leaves varies depending on the species. It’s essential to note that different varieties of peace lily plant, and each may have a different leaf shape or size. 

Peace lily plants also usually produce flowers with white petals, although some varieties can produce yellow or red blooms as well. 

When it comes to scent, peace lilies do not have much! Most people describe the smell as slightly as old water or mildew. Peace lilies only emit a light odor, so they aren’t great at masking odors in your home. 

If you’re looking for something more potent to help freshen up your living space, you might want to consider planting fragrant indoor plants such as lemon trees or peppermint bushes.

Will My Light Affect The Leaves Of My Peace Lily Plant?

There is conflicting evidence on the effect that light has on the leaves of a peace lily plant. 

Some say that the more light the leaves get, the greener they will become, while others state that too much light could burn or bleach them. 

It seems that no one can really answer this question definitively, and it’s best to simply monitor your plant’s leaves to see how they are reacting to their environment. 

If you want to keep your peace lily happy and healthy then you should aim for bright indirect sunlight and make sure it stays moist but not wet. 

Do not let it sit in water as this will cause root rot. When watering, do so from below the pot with room temperature water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a peace lily good for? 

There are many reasons people have chosen to grow peace lilies in their homes. One of the most popular reasons, especially in the United States, is that it does not require much light or water. So, if you want to be more eco-friendly, then this plant might be for you! 

Do peace lilies come with a scent? 

Yes! They do not have as strong of a scent as other plants, but they do still emit some sort of fragrance. 

Do lilies have a smell? 

The answer to that question depends on what type of lily you’re talking about. The Easter Lily, for example, has a very fragrant smell. Other types of Lily may not smell at all.

Do peace lilies oxygenate the room?  

Although they do not produce an overwhelming scent, they do release oxygen into the air. 

Why Does Your Peace Lily Smell Bad?

In some rare cases, however, they can have an odor that is somewhat similar to rotting meat. 

The source of such a pungent aroma may be traced back to poorly draining soil or wet roots. 

One way to solve this problem is by placing gravel in the bottom of the pot and covering it with two inches of potting mix. 

You could also use perlite in place of gravel and increase the amount of potting mix used so that it surrounds the root ball. 

When planting, water thoroughly to saturate all layers before allowing any excess water to drain away. 

You could also use sand instead of gravel if you are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing look in your garden. It will also keep the potting mix from becoming saturated too quickly. 

If your peace lily smells musty, then it’s likely been overwatered and needs air circulation to dry out between watering. 

Move it into an area where there is plenty of airflows, like on a windowsill facing outwards, and cut back on watering.

Wrapping up

Do peace lilies have a scent, are you still wondering? Peace lilies don’t produce much of an odor. So if you want a plant that will also provide beauty for your home, but not gives off an overwhelming scent, consider adding these beautiful plants to your space.  They’re sure to bring in the perfect amount of charm and ambiance with just the right amount of aroma.

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